What We Do

How it works

Skills Drills is really simple – it consists of four simple and easy to understand timed sports drills, based around core skills from:

Children compete to try and finish each drill as quickly as they can, and the best times are recorded on our easy to use online platform. With the site updated in real-time, you can instantly compare your school’s best times and compete with other schools in your area and across the world.

We’ve even recorded times from some of the country’s leading sports stars, so your pupils can see where they stack up against the professionals!

School Benefits

Skills Drills provides your school with a structured, safe and engaging sport programme that hits all the best practice criteria from Ofsted regarding both intra and inter school competition.

Skills Drills is:


Pupil Benefits

Fun, inclusive and challenging, Skills Drills will help your pupils to:



Next Steps

To get started with Skills Drills, simply head over to the Registration page, and fill in your details.

Alternatively, if you’d like further information on any aspect of Skills Drills, then call our friendly team today on 0845 1200 177, or email info@skillsdrills.org.