Complete 10 Successful passes in as little time as possible!

basketball passing

The aim of this drill is to complete 10 successful basketball passes in as little time as possible.

This will be done using a Skills Drills board or a wall. You are required to be stood 2 metres away (1 metre for KS1 pupils), this distance will be marked out with a line or a set of cones.



  • Stand face on with the board/wall, feet shoulder width apart.
  • Hands should have 10 points of contact (fingertips), slightly towards the back of the ball.
  • Fingers should be pointing to the sky, thumbs across the middle of the ball pointing at your chest.
  • Push the ball with both hands in a straight line.
  • Aim to throw the ball to contact the wall just above chest height.
  • Keep an eye on the ball and where you are aiming.
  • Don’t rush yourself, and use the correct technique.


  • Start off stood on the line. Make sure once started you are not leaning over the line or the passes will not count.
  • The clock will start as soon as you make the first pass.
  • If you miss the board you must retrieve the ball and then start again from behind the line, continuing from your score.
  • If you drop the ball pick it up and keep going once behind the line.
  • Once you have completed 10 successful passes then the time will be stopped.