complete 10 successful throws as quickly as possible!

cricket throw

The aim of this drill is to complete 10 successful cricket throws as quickly as possible.

This will be done using a Skills Drills board or a wall. You are required to be stood 2 metres away (1 metre for KS1 pupils), this distance will be marked out with a line or a set of cones.

The throw should be done over arm. The ball should first bounce on the floor, then hit the board/wall and then back in to your hand.

You are required to be stood one metre away, this distance will be marked out with a line or a set of cones.



  • Keep your eyes on the ball at all times.
  • Look where you’re throwing the ball.
  • Aim for the middle of the board/wall.
  • Don’t throw the ball too hard or it will go over your head.
  • Make sure you throw it hard enough to get it back behind the line.
  • Take your time and use the correct technique.
  • Ball should be in-between your index and your middle finger with your thumb on the side.
  • Catch the ball with two hands together, fingers pointing upwards.


  • When starting you should be stood behind the line, you must then wait for the ball to bounce back before taking your next throw.
  • If the ball does not come back behind the line they you must pick it up, come back behind the line and then continue.
  • If you throw the ball in front of the line then it does not count.
  • If the ball goes behind the board you must pick it up and return to the line before continuing.
  • 10 throws must be completed before the clock is stopped.
  • The clock starts with the first throw.